Thank Buddha the album is done! :)


I feel it. It is blowing in the wind. The nature quietly whispers that time of growth and strength has come again. Finally I must say. This winter was terrifying for me. Insecurity, changing prospects, disillusionment, emotional distress, lengthy battle of the Truth with the ego stuff, all that thrown into a blender with a double dose of ice and here we go…But why am I talking about that; everything and all is changing by the time according to progress. We bear consequences of our own decisions. And so we make mistakes as long as we effectively learn from them. Simply they are an indispensable part of our lives. Let’s say my recent fault has been an aspiration to rush development. Hurry up, yesterday was late already. This approach, however, besides losing my mental stability did not bring anything good to me. Is the quick success more worthy than independence? Well, I don’t think so…

Anyway, it is my pleasure to announce that material of the upcoming album is finished and currently being prepared for the official release. So in the near future you can look forward to ten songs that were created under the guidance of an experienced musician Tomas Raclavsky. It means nothing but a professional sound and bloody juicy diversity without any compromises. In short, something that gives a new dimension to my acoustic songs. And I know you wanna hear it! At least many people can’t wait they write me. Awesome. :) So I have published second song from upcoming album Moment. The name of the song is Na věčné časy and it’s one of the 3 czech songs on album. So don’t idle anymore and go and check it via soundcloud, or right here on my website :)

P.S. Welcome Spring!