On the road again


It’s been a year since my first album released. One year later me sitting in the window facing a variety of skyscrapers in KL (Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia). Despite the fact that I miss badly Mother India I felt in love with this place anyway. Asia is charming. And very homie to me. Being connected.

I can feel warmth. I can see helpfulness. I can hear fate’s furtive whispering. I can smell God’s immediacy. I’m fulfilled by gratefulness for my every experience, every friendship, for every moment on travel, for every kiss, for my supportive family.

I feel very blessed. I can feel unity in Truth. I’ve got something to share. I’ve got a voice to connect all in One. Don’t take me wrong. I’m nothing but a reflection of Yourselves. I’m the mediator for your senses but it is the Truth what touches You deep inside..

Love & Blessings