Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome in my world of SELF-REALIZATION. At first let me introduce myself in brief. I am a girl, a young lady who was born on May 1990 in the foothills of the Ore Mountains situated on the northwest of Bohemia, Czech Republic. My childhood and adolescence was a bit rebellious time, full of defiance. Although or actually maybe thanks to that I can call it a happy period of my life. When I look at it after some time, a main point within process of education (here I mean a school system) was a fullfillment of challenges. Well I should admit that in several cases had particular challenges nothing to do with a virtue or rightness (like in primary school where my behavior in the name of rebelliousness resulted in to frequent disciplinary sanctions…☺) But then came the auspicious challenges like to overcome my substandard academic performance and accomplish entrance exams for gymnasium. Or the challenge to graduate and get into Masaryk University to study a Science of religions. Or the challenge to get a BA degree… And suddenly an India called me.

Actually, INDIA have kept calling me pretty long time even in my by God forsaken hometown. Since childhood I was very interested in Eastern philosophy and the hunger to know more about that was coming from deep inside of me. But the problem which was especially a lack of knowledge and informations about East around me has been solved by already mentioned challenge to study the Science of religions. During the three years on University I have met many excellent experts in their field and I feel gratitude that I could collaborate with them. Really. But what about my primary question about the Truth? I didn’t find an answer on campus. I went further – straight to India – and it was the best decision in this life! Because Mother India has incredible power to change the people and the more you open your heart to her the more you will be changed.

Granada 2014

My first visit of India took place in 2011 and since then I have spent there more than one year already. The opportunity to go to India came from the Association for Tibet, based in Brno. Me and several other volunteers have stayed one month in the magnificent moonland called Ladakh. The first visit but far from last one for us. Ladakh itself have become a home for me same like for my collegue, traveller and soulmate Ifa. Therefore next year, in 2012 were in the air no doubts about the plans for the summer – Ladakh was calling us back. After another wonderful summertime Ifa went back to Czechia and I have decided to stay longer in India and discover new wonderful places. During the  autumn and winter I stayed for a while on the places like Rishikesh, Benares, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Calcutta, Mumbai, Goa, Gokarna etc. As I already have said – wonderful!

After almost half an year later I came back to Czech Republic, I remember it was a Christmass time. Oh, maybe I should clarify who came back. Do not be mistaken – my body was still the same, all the change was about the inner self. And I have changed a lot, man! The values, dreams, goals, all that has undergone a radical transformation. So you can imagine my shock associated with the return to the heart of Europe. It was difficult but it made me stronger. Every comeback make me stronger same like the JOURNEY itself. Thanks to what I am EXPERIENCING I can realize the ubiquitous and perpetual change of all on this world perceptible by the senses. Yes, absolutely everything you see, hear and feel is only subject to CHANGE. (And do not be smug my friend, you are not the exception. ☺) In fact doesn’t matter where your journey directs to, the really important is journey itself. And what about the journey TO itself, that’s the biggest challenge ever!

Lovely, we got to right where we have started and namely to self-realization. In my case it has multiple manifestations, and the common denominator of most of them is an ART. Specifically, the art of writing, painting and music. Recently I encountered with the opinion that it is not possible to deal with all kinds of art to the fullest. Sounds logical, right? But do not be fooled, my friends. Namely light, sound, language, movement, emotions, all of that is energy, one and the same energy only manifesting itself in different forms. So I ask: is it possible to speak of any division? Let’s look for the answer in ourselves…

Art goes beyond impermanence of human life, it used to say even master Da Vinci, and he was bloody right. Thanks to that the art has got a power to keep energy (ie. Itself) always there where is it mostly needed – among the people! See how the circle closes? A current of our present lives once closes also. Seek the meaning of your existence and give in to your self-realization. Not in retirement, not next year, not tomorrow – become a seeker right NOW! My mission is to inspire and egg on, not to judge or lead you. I convey MESSAGE THROUGH ART but it is many roads and tasks in this world. Do you know already what is your mission? Seek in yourself and the answer will come…