Fall resumé


It’s last Sunday of November and my hometown is clutched by obtrusive cold. And my mind is a bit gloomy. I try to do my best and be productive as much as I can but all I can do is just not enough. I’m not able to keep my mind in the present moment. Past and future seems to be more interesting for it. It’s been said that a peace of mind is not dependent on space and time. Well, I must admit with me it’s a quite different story. You know I can feel that hatred all around. The hatred which is coming out from fear more like from an evil itself. It’s a fear of the unknown, it’s a fear of an islam…You people, who can feel the hatred towards refugees, please just forget for a minute all prejudices and tell me; if the war come to your home and somebody offer you an asylum, would you stay there to risk the lives of your family? Would you accept tyranny of deformed faction of your own religion? I do not know your answers but mine is NO. I would do anything to save their lives so I would run away as well.

We are humans. Some of us act good, some of us act badly and most of us act in both of that ways. According to our acting and speaking is possible to evaluate us but instead of that we are judged according to what somebody else says about us or even in our name. Shortly it is much easier to accept an opinion of others, especially ‘when it’s written on facebook and Jack also shared it – it’s just must be the truth!’ People make conclusions too fast and moreover based on deficient and manipulating informations. Oh yes, the winter is coming and there is no more time to waste. That’s why we let others to manipulate us into the fear and the less we really know about the more we show up ‘our’ point of view. We share, we like, we hate. Lovely.

But nothing is just black or white. Among the refugees we can find a different kind of people from a different places with a different reason for coming to Western Europe. And doesn’t matter if we like it or not, all together we are representing same human race dwelling on this planet. No matter where we are from, or what religion we think is the real one. All we are one. On the level of existence we all are equal. I’ve got many muslim friends and anyhow I can feel the fear of the Islamic state and potencial war what could come. But you know what? It’s not islam what I’m scared of, it’s the fear of the sick minds, it’s the fear of the stray sheep. And moreover you must remember that from the fear NEVER came anything good. That’s why it’s the fear what we should face to, not refugees…

At last I must mention what happened last night in my country. As you have various music awards as Grammy etc. we have one Czech as well called Slavik. And then we have obviously many people who like an extreme right-wing fascist bands. Because otherwise it never would happen that somebody as Ortel would have be second in category of men-singers and simultaneously third in category of bands when it looks and sounds like this. I feel blue deep inside and I must be asking. How is possible that Czech nation is O.K. with awarding of a xenophobic hateful project in state Opera? How is possible that all there present ‘pop stars’ claped their’s hands to support? How it feels to be one of that brainwashed sheep? Is there anybody who can give me an answer???