From all the art forms it is the music, which occupies a crucial position in my self-realization. I think it has to do something with the fact that I was gifted with a powerful voice. Besides singing and playing the guitar I also compose and write songs. The song is a MESSAGE and it is bringing you something. But why am I telling you that? You know that, right? In fact there is no other reason, why do you like right this song or another one but a reaction what make you feel a resonation inside of you. That feeling is so strong and so you are full of flaming desire to experience it again and again (I know people who are able to run one and the same song over and over again ad nauseam, and in some cases I must admit that I belong to them ☺) What’s going on is nothing but an identification of listener with the song together with its mood and emotions. Particular song has got from the beginning to the end usually about five minutes. But an impact of the song takes much longer and moreover spontaneously, regardless of your wishes or judgment. Can you see how powerful tool is it?


Quite often people ask me what kind of genre I play. Yes, indeed, it seems that among the people wins a desire to be able to categorize absolutely everything. Classifying, marking, saving, that’s what the people do with an artwork. If you also have this compulsion, you should know that on this website you probably do not find informations you are looking for. I am a songwriter and I do not care about the borders of genres. Important to me are thoughtful and meaningful lyrics, not like the current trends are. I do not listen to the radio. Why? Because almost every song is telling me how awesome is to be rich and beautiful (eventually how sad is to be out of money and ugly), or even somebody who I do not know at all is trying to persuade me to have sex with him (or her). The today’s trend is practically based more on form than on content. It is such a pity but what to do? Let’s face it – music labels including artists, composers and lyricists merely respond to the market demand, so the cause is hidden in every single listener and his low requirements to the content of the artwork. The change is therefore due to that actually within reach – accordingly right at us! It is really up to us what sort of music we support and what not.

Music enables people to escape from the everyday reality, lets them experience a catharsis states and can also induce pleasant sensations of bliss and peace. By combining more forms of energy (sound, word, image) intensifies the power of utterance. The POWER OF MUSIC is enormous, and it’s good to be aware of this power. Music can heal but hurt as well, just depends on what kind of energy through listening or composing we absorb. So I call upon you all and especially the authors of the music: please avoid hatred, malice and lies in your artworks, avoid emptiness and stupidity in your lyrics, avoid immorality in your videos. The art has a power to strongly affect all types of human consciousness. Let’s be aware of it!