During my studying of Science of religions I was interested in the issue of visual culture, especially of buddhist iconography. Visual art progressively got me and currently I spend most of my time by painting. I have started to draw during the travelling, and mostly I was drawing local landscapes and faces. But after some time it flared up in me a desire to get acquainted with a brush. Paper and tempera paints was soon replaced by acrylic paints on canvas or wood or plaster. And the change involves not only the form but also the content of the painting. Currently I am creating spiritual paintings, mostly based on the rules and order of Buddhist iconography. The process of creation represents for me meditation through contemplation or colloquially speaking it means that during the painting I keep concentration not only on technique but mostly on WHAT I create.

Everything what arises under my hands is the visual capture of a certain ENERGY, which has a relevance in Buddhist iconography and it is represented in the form of concrete characters or symbols. It is over a thousand different Buddhas, bodhisattvas, dharmapalas, arhats, gods and other figures of the Buddhist pantheon, and yet each one represents a particular form of one and the same impersonal energy. What I do, is that I invoke that energy and create the image while the ego recedes into the background and the body becomes a medium that just gives a space to the energy to be shown. In this way I create mostly a mandalas, bhavachakras or the aforementioned figures of the Buddhist pantheon. My intention is not only creating of these images. The real purpose of them spreading of the positive energy all around the world, which is going well and it makes me feel great fulfillment!